Kristi W.

We did a ton of research on builders before choosing Dale Siebler. You hear a lot of horror stories on peoples’ building experiences. I can honestly say our experience was the exact opposite. We truly enjoyed the process, and we credit that to Dale. He said he would be on the job site making sure things were done properly; that was no lie. He was ALWAYS there. He is a man of his word, he has high expectations for his subs, and he follows through, delivering a sound, quality home. We definitely chose the right builder!

John S.

We are very happy with the quality of our home, the experience of building, and Dale Siebler personally. Dale is as genuine as they come. He works hard to produce the best homes in Omaha. He visits the job site daily to ensure his quality standards are being met. Customer service is excellent, as he communicated with us frequently and always returned calls. He let us borrow his pickup to move some big items when we moved in. When we decided to do a small redesign of the basement we only made one call and it was to Dale Siebler.

Michael K.

Dale Siebler is an honest, reliable, trustworthy builder. He built our house 15 years ago and we have had absolutely no problems in all that time. Dale keeps his word and is always available if you need something done. I highly recommend Dale as an outstanding builder and individual. Plus, he has a great personality and lots of jokes!

Amy L.

The reason we chose to build with Dale is that he was genuine and truly listened to our wants and needs. He was at our home build almost every day so we knew we were in good hands. He not only built us a family home, we really got to know him during the process and feel like he is part of our family. He still continues to check in on us over 3 1/2 years post build, which shows he truly does care about his customers.

Heidi W.

From the standpoint of selecting a builder who is an expert at his craft and will build you a home of the highest quality, Dale Siebler is the builder you want. He takes great pride in his work and genuinely puts his customers’ interests first. But with Dale you get much more than that. We feel Dale stands out because he made our home building journey enjoyable and stress free. Dale is very organized and informative. We had lots of questions and ideas along the way and Dale listened and helped us evaluate options and make decisions we were happy with. There’s not one thing we wish we would have done differently. He was always on site and hands-on. His upbeat attitude carried over to his crew. We often visited the site and every member we met were not only quality craftsmen, but were friendly and enjoyed visiting with us and talking about how cool our home was going to be. Many said Dale is the only builder that makes us do this or that a certain way because it’s the best way. There’s no cutting corners with Dale, they would say, and he always demands the cleanest work site too. These examples, among other things, gave us the utmost confidence in our home building journey. In the end, a home buyer hopes to move into a quality built home. We definitely got that and we love it. But equally important is the journey, and with Dale…we had fun, shared lots of laughs and became good friends.

The Taylors

Our journey for a new home started with friends telling us stories about home building and finding the right company or person to build with. They also told us to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Remember, building a home is no small feat. It’s much more like a fine art, only you’re the painter and the builder provides the palette. Our inquires and search lead us to many people who stated that they were there for us, the new home builder/buyer. Finally, with much hesitation, we set-up an interview, if you will, with Gramercy Homes/Dale Siebler & Co. or GH/DS for short. Just remember, most builders will tell you everything you want to hear, and you, as a buyer, will have big expectations once the building starts.

Once we sat down with GH/DS, it went as you would expect, with pleasantries and so forth. Then this man with a small stature, glasses, and denim shirt asked us how we lived. That’s not a question any of the other builders asked us. How we lived, meant where we spent the most time in our house, what you and your family normally do when you get home from work, school, events, etc. How many kids we have and what they do as well. This was a foreign area to us. It took some thought, but we laid it all out. Right then and there he went to work on a large open canvas with a pencil and sketched out our home. This happened to be our dream home. Then GH/DS helped us make realistic changes and accommodations that would fit our lifestyle.

All went accordingly, then the hammer dropped. I asked Dale how often he would be around during the build. He gave a rough answer of about most days at some point in time throughout the day. This I thought, was a fairy tale after all. No home builder spends more than 30%-40% of their time checking on their projects. Dale’s final remark to us as we departed the meeting was “we’re going to become good friends, all my clients and I stay in touch”. None the less we decided to go will Gramercy Homes by Dale Siebler.

Finally, the building started and was completed. Dale was there at the project almost every day of the build. To this day we are friends. We built our house with him almost 2.5 years ago. Not to mention, Dale STILL stops by the house to see how we are doing and kept every last promise at the meeting. Yes folks, we believe we found a diamond in the rough. Make sure to ask your friends/family if they they still keep in contact with their builder. Better yet ask if their builder will return an email or call that day. We truly feel we made the best decision for our family with Gramercy Homes by Dale Siebler!