Siebler Family Biography

We want building your custom home to be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but accomplishing that takes a team of people skilled in every facet of the process. Dale has been contracting and building homes for over 35 years, giving him a unique perspective to visualize areas of opportunity for design and the ability to troubleshoot potential issues during a build. Dale personally prepares each home bid. He knows what is in every home and provides you with the exact cost before you start. Over the years his passion to build has passed through to his son Jered, an integral part of the team. Jered is entrusted with dozens of onsite responsibilities from start to finish. He and Dale will be familiar faces at your home throughout the build. While the building process is surely the most important to clients, Dale will tell you Shar is an important part of his team. Shar manages the office and helps with the contracting, accounting, and organizing of the service work schedule. She is also an invaluable resource for clients and a go between to keep them on task with their selections. This family run business has a proven track record of excellence and service to deliver not only an exceptional home but an exceptional experience to every client.